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Telero Boxer

Beat the Bomb Bot
Keep hitting the bot until he starts to explode. Next, use multiple power uppercuts on him. If timed correctly, you should defeat the robot without getting killed.

Beat the Cat
After you beat the game without any losses you will have to be prepared to fight the CAT BOSS. When he throws a punch block it the punch opposite of him. If he punches towards your face, you punch towards his mid-section. It takes a while to wear him down, but if done correctly you'll be a the Telero Boxer Champion!

Beat the Kangaroo
To beat the kangaroo (the sixth enemy you face), simply throw uppercuts wildly. As soon as he is about to throw something, he should get socked and jump around again. Don't be afraid if you get hit a couple times. You should be sending more than you're receiving and eventually win. It should help if you don't throw all lefts or all rights.

Beat the Second Boxer
To defeat the second boxer, keep your guard up until he ducks his dead down by his waist. Wait for him to try a hook, and immediately block it. If you're successful he'll be stunned. Take advantage of his condition with a punch to the gut.

Beat the Third Boxer
Whenever he goes down then hits you from the side do the red hand uppercut. The rest of the time block his moves.

Practice Mode
Start your game as normal and wait for the animated sequence to begin. Before the match starts you can take a few practice punches. To control your opponent, use the left and right triggers.

Secret Enemy
If you beat every boxer without losing, you will fight a secret opponent that looks like a cat.