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Wario Land

Beat the Final Boss
In order to beat the last boss, you need to hit him in the nose about five times. After you hit him, he'll jump into the air. Run to either corner and wait for him to descend. When he's about to land again, run to the other corner. (If he is in the corner, his hands can't hurt you.)

Now wait until he starts moving and breathes fire. Pay attention to which way he is going because you need to jump to the back platform as soon as he starts moving again after breathing fire. You will hit him every time using this trick. He will speed up after 3 hits, but just be patient and you will get him.

Easy Money
In level 10, there are jars that you throw and if they land right-side up, you get money. Well,Here is an easier way of getting money from it. Grab a jar and toss it. If it doesn't land right-side up and a little guy will pop out and bounce around the room. When he pops out, DO NOT KILL HIM! While he is away from where he can hurt you, grab the jar and throw it again. Then a coin will come out. Kill the little dude and repeat the process. P.S.:This doesn't work on EVERY try.

Harder Game and Alternate Endings
For an alternate ending, beat the game with all treasures and no deaths. If start a new game it will be much harder and you'll see yet another ending when you win. Good luck!