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=Latest Updates=

 7-18-01  - The Search is finally over!!!!! I found a new host that is giving me unlimited webspace!!! His address is!!! So I will give you my new address later this week!!! The reconstruction process is underway!!! Below is some of the buttons for the new site:

 7-16-01  - Hey, I had a bit of a vacation change, now i'm back till sunday so in this time period I hope to have finished the main page!!! By the way the new name for the site is Game Download Xtreme (GDX)!!!! I'll keep you informed.

 7-10-01  - I finally started on the new site!!! Here's a little info on it!!! The title will be Game Download Central!!! The new web site address Will be!!! This new site will contain- Screenshots, Movies, AIM Buddy icons, Animated sprites, Non-animated Sprites, Roms/Games, Music, Commercials/ads!!! Sorry i have to report this that I will not be updating for 2 to 3 weeks due to vacation and the new desiegn of GDC, But expect when I get back for GDC to be almost done!!! I might be able to sneak in a couple of updates in this time!!! And now I just have to find a host or just stay at tripod!!! Wish me luck and keep checking back for info on my production!!!!

 7-9-01  - I finished the mega man animated sprites section!!!!

 7-8-01  - Were getting closer to starting the reconstruction which will hopefully be the last for a while!!! So now to the update..... I finished the Kirby animated sprites section!!!

 7-7-01  - Yep, Guess what I'm changing the layout again but I'm also changing my site content to strictly downloads So I'll be starting that soon! Before I start that I'll put up kirby and the legend of zelda sprites!!! So get ready!!! P.S. I'll be putting up some polls to decide what colors the layout will have!!! I finally finished the legend of zelda animated sprite section!!!

 7-5-01  - I added a link and an affiliate and expect sprites from the legend of zelda really soon!

 7-4-01  - Happy 4th of July and to celebrate I added in the Gamecube games section the Legend Of Zelda for GCN preview!! Enjoy!!! But I haven't finished it yet so hang tight till tommorow!!

 7-3-01  - Guess what!!! More affiliate changes! And I'm working on the animated sprites page but only adding whats coming soon not the actual sprites but still please check it out Thanks!! I also added 1 new link!

 7-2-01  - Wasssup, I deleted an affiliate because he didn't have my link under the affiliate list and he wasn't giving me any refferals, so I replaced him with a different affiliate plus I switched the top and secondary affiliates around a little!!! I'm currently working on the sonic section in the image gallery so go there now and check on my progress, it'll be done by the end of the day!!!

 7-1-01  - Happy Canada Day, This site going to be great eh!!! I added 1 new link and 1 affiliate and found a new host but he won't accept me for like a month but untill then...

 6-30-01  - I finally cleaned up my really messy home page, which I think looks much better now! I added 30 animated sprites and added 1 new link!!!

 6-29-01  - Sorry I haven't updated for a while but life's been keeping me busy! I fixed some things on the left sidebar! And I havn't been able to get all the updates done I said I could but I did get the news archive done! I added 3 sonic links!

 6-27-01  - OK, Later today I'm going to add sonic pictures in the image gallery and tomorrow I'm going to add the news archive.I'm also going to add sonic links in the links section! And also soon I'll add More animated sprites like donkey kong, mega man, kirby, zelda, etc.

 6-26-01  - Today I added a form to submit your site on the links page have fun and I'll pretty much add any site!!!

 6-25-01  - Huh, finally the moment most of you have been waiting for.... I added a links Page with tons of links. But I still need to put up the sonic general sites which I hope to get done today! But I might not so I'll keep you informed!!!!

 6-24-01  - Well, I'm back and ready to do some major changes around here! For today's update I added a petition which you should really sign and I added 3 mario, luigi etc sprites (animated)!!! And I'll list below the following new additions to the site!!
-News archive
-A links page
-An e-mailbag when I get enough visitors to my site!!

 Note-  - All old updates are not recorded but deleted!