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Sonic the Hedgehog is an icon throughout gaming culture deserving of a specimen tray of his own. We are that special tray. Packed with more Sonic information than any single site should be allowed to have, if you need something Sonic related, we have it. There's groovy gaming information, wallpapers to hang on your wall (wait wrong kind I mean on your desktop), codes that will make you a god, web cards to send to your friends, fan-made Sonic comics to read and laugh at, links to some great places where you can find information for any school project, and more. We have worked very hard on this web site just for you, that kid over there, the ghost that's behind you that you can't see, and the government that keeps spying on us, so we hope you love the site!

Shadow of a Hedgehog
Everything and anything about Sonic the Hedgehog. There's music videos, game information, comics, fan art, music, codes, wallpapers, and tons more.

SonicVerse Team (Coming Soon!)
The homepage of the SonicVerse Team, which features their free, on-line Sonic comic series such as Sonic Shadows, SonicVerse, and Chao Adventure. Plus there's tons more to check out.

You'll find out everything about the cute and cuddly Chao from the Sonic Adventure games.

Sonic Shadows
A free, on-line Sonic the Hedgehog comic series done by the SonicVerse Team.

Haunted Destiny
A free RPG game for Windows computers.

Homework Jam
Been playing too many video games and forgot to do you your project for school? Homework Jam features information on wide variety of topics.

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