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Yoshi is definately a "super dino!" He's always been a favorite character of many video game fans. This regular green dino is part of a rainbow colored tribe of half dinosaurs and half dragons. They live in a dinosaur land called "Yoshi's Isaland" Their language is so complex that it only consists of one word. The only person that can understand their language is Mario since he's known them since he was a baby. They can eat virtually anything and digest it too! Yoshi's can transform their enemies into eggs by by simply swallowing them then spitting them out, he also sometimes uses the eggs as ammo or a weapon. These egg's are very powerful. He's an excellent sidekick that everyone would want to have him on their team. He's teamed up with Mario in several games. Before Mario and Yoshi were friends the Yoshi's helped reunite Baby Mario and Baby Luigi which Mario grwatly appreciated and never forgot it. But a couple years later when Mario was a full grown plumber he returned the favor by freeing all the trapped yoshi's from the evil bowser. Yoshi actually starred in their own game called Yoshi's Story for the N64!