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=Animated Sprites=

-=-Sonic the Hedgehog-=-
Sonic (42 sprites)
Tails (9 sprites)
Knuckles (20 sprites)
Amy Rose (4 sprites)
Chao (7 sprites)
Bad Guys (8 sprites)
miscellaneous (3 sprites)

-=-Mario and his games-=-
Mario, Luigi, The Princess, Toad, and Yoshi (34 sprites)
Mario Kart (15 sprites)
Donkey Kong (2 sprites)
Bowser/bad guys(28 sprites)
-=-The Legend of Zelda-=-
Link (24 sprites)
Zelda (4 sprites)
Bad guys (4 sprites)
-=-Kirby:The Cute Pink Puffball=-
Kirby (12 sprites)
Other characters (8 sprites)
-=-Mega Man=-
Mega Man (5 sprites)
Bad Guys (10 sprites)
Crash Bandicoot (coming soon)