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  Knuckles, a member of the echinda or at least used to be. His nickname is Knux. He was born and raised on Floating Island. He was a guardian there which means he lives there, flys there, and took care of it. He never really needed to go to the mainland because everything was pretty much there like deserts, swamps, mountains, tropical forests etc. One day Dr. Robotnick (eggman) crashed his "Death Egg" right next to his island and he helped repair it. That kind've of put them together as business partners. A couple of days later truoble broke lose when Eggman did crash right into the island. Back then he saw Sonic and Tails as troublemakers, for they were always messing up his and Dr. Robotnick's plans and newest vehicles!He finally figured out that he was wrong about Robotnick, Sonic and Tails! So they joined together and they stopped Eggman from wrecking Floating Island. But Dr. Robotnick still managed to get away with a chunk of the master emerald which made knuckles really mad!!! So Knux joined the Freedom Fighters