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Super Mario RPG Links

Andy's SMRPG Page
Ally's Page
Axem Red's MRPG Page
Ethan Jackson's Mario RPG
Icy Brian's Super Mario RPG Page
King Nimbus's Super Mario RPG Homepage!
Mario RPG Head Quarters
Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars
Mario RPG Kingdom - One of our affiliates!
Mario RPG World
Sacred Planet of SMRPG
Seaside Town
Silla's Super Mario RPG!
Troy's Super Mario RPG Website
Toadstool's Suppa Dupa Page
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Shrine
The SMRPG Homeworld
World of SMRPG
YoshiGeno's SMRPG Page - RIP?

Paper Mario

Paper Mario HQ

SMRPG/Paper Mario

Super Mario RPG Homeworld

General Mario

A Little Insight on Wario
A Tribute to Luigi
Bowser's Castle
Bowser's Domain
Brian's Super Mario 64 Page
Danny's Super Mario Site - Has the Mario Cartoons!
Derek Starshot's Page
The Koopa Kids Super Mario Fort
Koopa's Kingdom
Koopaprince's Super Mario Brothers Info Station
Lemmy's Land
The Luigi Awareness Society
Luigi's Secrets
The Luigi Spot
Magikoopa's Cauldron
Mario Bros. Gold
Mario Bros. Head Quarters
Mario's Cafe & Sonic's Place - My site
Nintendo Maniacs - My very first web site!!
Mario Gamer
The Mario Kingdom- multi-lingual site.
Mario Nostalgia Mania - MCASP's affiliate!
The Mushroom Kingdom - The BEST Mario site!
The Mushroom Kingdom: The Next Level
The Mushroom Kingdom Squad's Domain
The Real Adventures of Mario and Link- hilarious comics!
The Pipe Maze
Shyguy Kingdom
Super Mario Dedication Site
Super Mario Bros. Monster Compendium
Super Mario Bros. Super Homepage
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Supercenter - A small site built buy Bowsa.
Super Mario Royal Castle
Super Mario 128 Central - A site as big and powerful as TMK!
Super Mario Bros. 2 Worship
Ultimate Mario
Yoshi Bahamas
The Warp Zone

General Sonic sites

Sonic HQ
The Sonic Foundation
Shadow of a Hedgehog
The Spirit of Sonic
Sonic News
Sonic Xtreme
Way down under!

General Gaming

classicMIDI - RIP
X-box 2K - A GameCube/XBox site
Game Winners
Gamesounds - RIP
IGN Codes (Formerly GameSages)
Video Game Music Achive
Video Game Cartoons
We Want the NES Back Foundation

Other Games
Kirby's Rainbow Resort
Metroid Database
Tetris Retreat


The Game Palace