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=Sonic Advance=

Sonic Advance

Sonic advance should be one of the best game boy advane games so far! There is not much known about this game so far but it's expected to be released in july of 20001 Boy, I can't wait. This game taking the game boy advance to its best. This game will have non-stop action for the sonic fan!. The game will have non-swill resemble the sega genesis version a lot. It wil be alike in every way except for more and different levels. One cool feature is that you can grind. The three known playable characters so far are Sonic, Tails, and Amy. Everyone, Sonic and mario fans should buy this game or you'll be known as "stupid" for the rest of yopur miserable life!

At this time, there is nothing else known about Sonic Advance. I'll post more information and screen shots when I get them.

Preview By:
Da webmaster

Release Date:
July 2001