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You know you play Mario games too much when...

  • You go up to people and say, it's a me, Mario!
  • You grow an italian mustache!
  • You try to do the plumbing in your own house instead of hiring a pro!
  • You call your wife Peach!
  • Your scared of the snowmen your son made!
  • You name your newborn son Mario
  • You name your dog Yoshi!
  • You put on a yellow cape and try to fly!
  • You play mario games 24-7!
  • You punch and break the TV when you don't beat the first bowser in Super Mario 64!
  • You sue the president of the United States for offending Mario by whereing blue overalls, red shirts and a red cap with an M on it!
  • You burn every picture of Wario you see!
  • You spebd your life savings on overalls!
  • You make a plan to rule the world using millions of evil goombas!
  • You try to build pipelines you can travel through across North America